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What we do

Cambridge Energy Partners is a solar company that makes energy simple and flexible. As a solutions provider and manufacturer, we partner with vetted companies to provide reliable solar energy solutions – reducing cost, risk, and complexity along the way.

We use our expertise to redefine challenging projects – where scale, installation cost, or length of project issues impact solar economics.

Combining our Nomad technology and world-class partners, we offer what others can’t – low energy costs in a wide range of circumstances.

We help customers develop energy solutions for a variety of applications


Water pumping

Off-grid Hybrid

Short Deployments


Cambridge Energy Partners guides customers on the process of implementing solar, and provide bespoke advice on project feasibility, equipment selection, finance, execution, and operation.

We work to ensure the correct adoption of renewables for remote and complex projects, and work with our customers to balance this in terms of their cost, emissions, risk, and sustainable development goals.

Our team has the breadth of knowledge to help customers make quick, informed decisions on solar implementation in both developed and developing markets.

We advise customers on the process of implementing solar



Equipment selectioN




Cambridge Energy Partners exclusively manufactures and supplies the Nomad, the world’s first movable solar tracker.

Designed to take solar off the beaten path, our Nomad solar trackers are prefabricated, quick to install, and easy to relocate.

Its unique features allow our customers to achieve the lowest levelised cost of energy where installation costs are high or when project life is short.

We supply Nomad trackers to customers for self-build, EPC, or IPP projects.

We take solar anywhere – Movable solar trackers

Single-axis tracking for higher energy yields

Scalable from 15 kW to 20 MW, or more

Up to 3x faster installation than traditional systems

Cost-effective to relocate the system

Bifacial modules to increase energy yield


Based in the historic town of Cambridge, the team at Cambridge Energy Partners are dedicated to taking clean energy to new frontiers.

Our innovative culture and breadth of experience enables us to help our customers realise complex solar projects.

We believe solar can and should be used everywhere.

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