What we do

Cambridge Energy Partners is a solar company that makes energy simple and flexible. As a solutions provider and manufacturer, we partner with vetted companies to provide reliable solar energy solutions – reducing cost, risk, and complexity along the way.

Our expertise is in challenging projects, where scale, installation cost, or length of project issues impact project economics.

Combining our Nomad technology and our world-class partners, we can offer what others can’t – very low energy costs in a wide range of circumstances.

At Cambridge Energy Partners we design and manufacture redeployable single-axis solar trackers – tailored for use in tough, often remote conditions.

Our products are designed to ensure the production of affordable and reliable alternative energy. We help customers achieve the lowest levelised cost of energy when installation costs are high or when the project life is short.



We believe that universal access to secure, clean and affordable energy is essential to the future of humankind, and that harnessing the sun’s energy is the most viable option for delivering affordable and clean power solutions.

Our mission is to significantly contribute to the widespread adoption of secure and affordable solar energy by helping our customers to implement versatile and low-cost power solutions.



We use our experience and technology to facilitate the development and delivery of solar projects where installation costs are high, logistics are complex, or project life is short.

Our commitment to


We take the safety of our employees and the people we work with seriously.

Our commitment to safety means that:

  • We will ensure that our products are safe and comply with the relevant standards.
  • We will always speak up when we observe unsafe work or faulty products.
  • We will respect and observe all our customer’s safety requirements.
  • All stakeholders, internal or external, have the right to refuse or stop any unsafe work until their concerns are addressed.

Our commitment to working


We apply the highest ethical standard when undertaking our work, and will act in accordance with CEP’s ethical guidelines including CEP’s anti-bribery policy.

Our commitment to 


Our focus on the full system lifecycle lowers costs and eliminates waste over the 25-year life of our equipment.  By applying circular economy principles, we save and reuse resources as much as possible. 

CEP packs up the units and send them for refurbishment or recycling, reducing its impact on the environment.


Based in the historic town of Cambridge, the team at Cambridge Energy Partners are dedicated to taking clean solar energy to new frontiers.

Our innovative culture and breadth of experience enables us to help our customers realise complex solar projects. We believe solar can and should be used everywhere.

Tom Miller

Chief Executive Officer


Tom is a founder of CEP and brings with him a varied career across finance, public policy, and commercial development in both developed and developing markets. Trained as an economist, he has previously held positions at Citigroup, the Australian Treasury, and the Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) – a $1.5 billion fund responsible for the long-term development of Papua New Guinea. Tom graduated from the University of Queensland with degrees in Commerce and Economics (First Class Honours), and holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Daniel Gallaher

Chief COMMERCIAL Officer


Daniel has a background in corporate law, with 10 years’ experience at Thommessen, Norway’s leading law firm; the global telecom company, Telenor; and as an independent consultant in multiple jurisdictions in Europe and Asia. He has provided legal advice to companies in all stages of the business cycle; early-stage growth, M&A, listing, and restructuring, mainly across the oil and gas and TMT sectors. Daniel’s main areas of expertise are contract negotiations and due diligence review. Daniel holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge, and a Master of Law (Cand.jur.) from the University of Oslo.

Thomas Grant

Chief OPERATIONS AND Technology Officer


Thomas is a founder of CEP and a solar energy expert. He was director of R&D at a Spanish solar power company, accumulating multiple patents, and directly responsible for the design and development of equipment that has been deployed across more than 2 GW of photovoltaic (PV) installations globally. Thomas was also involved in the installation of multiple international utility-scale PV projects. Thomas holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge, a Master’s in Materials and Structures from EPF (French “grande école”) and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Sherbrooke University (Canada).

Trevor Bruce

VP – Sales


Trevor is a founder of CEP and has an engineering background with experience across the mining, renewable energy, and environment sectors. He has investigated renewable energy opportunities at large remote mines in Northern Canada and the DRC, conducted feasibility studies for over 2,500 MW of run-of-river hydro-power, and led high-profile studies at remote mines in Alaska and Northern Canada. Trevor holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s of Geological Engineering from the University of British Columbia (Canada). He is a former professional athlete on the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.

Ian Pieters

VP – Projects


Ian has an electrical engineering background, consulting on large-scale electrical projects across Africa for commercial solar PV, mining, oil and gas, energy utility, and transportation clients. His expertise was developed working in various roles including design and analysis, project management, utility management, project development, and project finance. Ian holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge, a Master’s of Engineering in Project Management and Bachelor’s of Electrical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Pretoria (South Africa).