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The successful implementation of solar energy requires a deep understanding of technology, logistics, project development, and financing. At CEP, we use our expertise to help our customers make sense of this complexity.

Be it mining, water pumping, off-grid hybrid projects, or short-term deployments, we guide customers through the process of implementing solar and introduce them to our trusted partners to deploy our technology.

WE Help customers implement solar


We assist customers to evaluate the feasibility of implementing solar, analysing technical and economic aspects, and recommend bespoke solutions for their situation.


We help customers find financing for projects that best fit their needs, on a corporate, project or asset level through our network of partners.

Equipment selection

We advise customers on selecting and sourcing the most suitable equipment for their projects.

Equipment Sales

We manufacture Nomad solar trackers, specifically designed to be used in projects where installation costs are high, logistics are complex, or the project life is short.


We leverage our network of EPCs, installers and other suppliers to find the best partner to implement your solar project.


We assist customers in operating and maintaining their solar installations.

we use circular economy principles to achieve the lowest energy cost possible

Cambridge Energy Partners takes a lifecycle approach to solar, which lowers costs and minimises waste over the 25-year life of a solar asset. Combined with mobile solar equipment, this approach unlocks benefits not previously associated with solar energy: short-term power contracts; rental power fleets; and highly decentralised power initiatives.

Our design philosophy enables industry to maximise their sustainable development goals. Our modular and standardised equipment is flexible enough to be installed anywhere, yet still perform like large-scale solar when installed. Suitable for quick decommissioning, our equipment encourages a multi-period approach to solar; enabling customers to reuse, repurpose, and ultimately recycle – making it well-suited for a range of development applications.

circular economy principles ensure customers achieve the lowest cost of energy



movable solar trackers

Cambridge Energy Partners design and manufacture Nomad, the world’s first movable solar tracker.

Designed to take solar off the beaten path, Nomad solar trackers are prefabricated, quick to install, and easy to relocate. Nomad solar trackers are built to be deployed in places where flexibility and durability are essential. 

These easily deployable and movable solar trackers are ideal for a variety of applications. Nomad solar trackers have been designed like a traditional single-axis solar tracker, with the added benefit of being movable, combining the gains from solar tracking with the freedom of mobility.

Unlike traditional solar systems, Nomad solar trackers are moveable assets that can be used in short-term deployments, enabling projects with short or uncertain operating lives to benefit from low-cost solar energy.

Nomad uses the single-axis solar tracking and bifacial (i.e. dual sided) solar panels to increase energy yield by up to 60% above other movable solar systems.

Nomad solar trackers are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment and designed to be installed faster than traditional tracking systems.

Nomad benefits


Easy to pack up and move without leaving a trace, which reduces the risk of the asset becoming stranded. Movable assets enable new business models, including short-term PPAs and rental solar.


Compact design allows 400 solar panels mounted on tracker frames to be transported per 40-foot high-cube container, up to 40% higher transport density than traditional systems.

tracks the sun

Follows the sun from East to West to generate up to 35% higher energy yield and flatter generation curves than fixed-tilt solar systems.


Prefabricated to the highest standards in a controlled factory environment, Nomad is built to survive tough conditions for over 25 years.

increased yield

Mounted with bifacial modules that collect solar energy from the front and back to increase energy yield by up to 20% on top of solar tracking gains.


Designed by recognised solar tracking industry experts, with over 2 GW of designs installed across North America, Europe, and South America.

Fast deployment

Delivered to site prefabricated to enable fast and easy installation. Nomad installation is up to 4 times faster than a traditional solar tracker to lower labour costs and reduce time spent on remote sites.

Modular and scalable

Built in modular units, the Nomad is designed to be scalable and flexible, ideal for projects from 15 kW to multiple MW.


Our solutions are tailor designed to minimise levelised cost of energy for difficult projects that face high installation costs or short project lives.


Water pumping

Off-grid Hybrid

Short Deployments



Cambridge Energy Partners, and its subsidiaries are committed to delivering the highest possible quality to their customers.  
We take the quality of our product seriously and believe our users should benefit from solar over the entire useful life of the asset.
To enable us to do this, we have implemented a quality management system that emphasizes best practices and continuous improvement.
Based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard we, via our manufacturing subsidiary Nomad Trackers, commit to the following principles:

  • We will ensure that our products comply with applicable specifications, standards and codes, as well as applicable laws and regulations.
  • We will maintain a commitment to continuous improvement of our product and processes.
  • We believe customer satisfaction is paramount, and our commitment to quality is at the heart of delivering it.

  • We will promote open communication with our stakeholders, to help us improve our products and services.
  • We will train and motivate our staff to promote our quality management principles.
  • We will emphasize commitment to quality, respect for the environment, and commitment to safety in all our activities.

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